Being a Stone Restoration Specialist coupled with the technology and wealth of our experiences, FUTUREJAYA SDN BHD is able to produce the top quality Marble work by upgrading the quality of stone using epoxy treatment & high quality diamond polishing system. We provide in-depth professional consultation for proper installation, restoration, cleaning and maintenance of stones. Nowadays, the home owners have been well equipped and educated with the knowledge to inspect for good quality workmanship, from the marble installation to final marble polishing finishes.

Professional Consultation Services to Stones Problems
Treatment to Marble/Granite/Limestone
Restoration of Stones
Diamond Polishing of Stones
Treatment of Stone Fissures & Cracks
Stain Removal & Treatment
Supply of complete Range of stone cleaning & caring products
Supply of stone polishing machines and accessories
Supply of stone polishing diamond abrasives
Solving major stone problems

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